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Contemplating gifts for elderly women is stressful. You want to give the best gift possible. We rounded up 20 items that can be perfect gifts for older women.

Gift-giving can sometimes be someone’s love language.

You can give gifts randomly to people you love. Presents also work perfectly to make occasions extra special.

But sometimes, thinking about what you can give to your elderly loved one can be mind-boggling.

Worry no more! We’ve listed 20 things that can be the best gift ideas for elderly women.

Good Gifts for Elderly Women

We know that grandmas have a special spot in your heart. We feel the same way too!

You always want to give them the best gifts possible.

Here are some of our favorite gifts to give to elderly women:

When you think of a perfect gift for elderly women, the eye massager may be one of the first things that would pop into your mind.

1 – Eye Massager

a eye massager gift

It is especially helpful for older women who have trouble sleeping.

It can give great amounts of relaxation to their eyes. This can reward them with a good night’s rest.

The eye massager also comes with heat compression that promotes blood circulation. It can also help in treating sinus pain and headaches.

It’s a perfect gift for older adults who feel tension headaches and those who just like to feel relaxed as they drift to sleep.

2 – Mental Care Packages

A book to help reduce stress

Taking care of one’s mental health is essential for people of any age.

Mental care packages are great gifts for elderly women who might feel stressed, lonely and overwhelmed.

You can include different self-care items in their mental care packages.

Items that you can include are:

3 – Light Therapy Lamp

A light therapy lamp with 3 different lightning options

Light therapy is commonly used to treat Seasonal Affective Disorders (SAD) and sleep disorders.

This type of lamp can help older women with such a condition feel relaxed and at ease.

It mimics the natural light seen outdoors, and it is believed to boost the mood of the elderly.

Why therapy with light uplifts a person with depression and sleep disorders is yet unknown.

However, it is said that this can help in boosting the person’s happy hormones.

4 – Acupressure Foot Massage Slippers

Slippers with acupressure massage

Another great gift that you can give to older women is acupressure foot massage slippers.

Unlike your ordinary house footwear, the acupressure massage slippers have buttons that act as pressure points.

It can aid in promoting blood circulation and nerve sensitivity in the foot area.

Generally, it can also help relieve tension in the lower extremities.

The pressure buttons on these slippers are also replaceable. Hence, you don’t have to worry about these things getting worn out after a few uses.

Older women will surely love these slippers. They can feel relaxed even when walking around the house or outside the garden.

Gift Ideas for Elderly Women in a Nursing Home

Adult coloring books

There are instances where you have to admit your older parents to a nursing facility.

But, you still want to give them gifts when you visit them during your vacant schedules.

These items can be perfect gifts that you can bring for your elderly family member in care facilities:

5 – Adult Coloring Books

Coloring book: Flowers drawing

Being in a nursing home can sometimes be boring for older women.

An adult coloring book can help them feel entertained while they spend their days in the nursing facility with their caregiver and co-residents.

Coloring in older adults can also be beneficial for their overall health.

Such activities can help older women to:

  • Relieve stress
  • Improve mood
  • Reduce agitation
  • Express themselves
  • Maintain motor function
  • Improve and maintain hand-eye coordination

Coloring activities can also promote:

  • Socialization
  • Sense of self-accomplishment and fulfillment
  • Mindfulness

6 – Food for Sharing

Surely, older women can meet new friends in the nursing home.

They can create bonds and a new social circle with the staff and co-residents.

When you pay them a visit to the nursing facility, you can consider buying food they could share with their newfound friends.

Food can also be great birthday gifts that older women can happily share with others.

While you’re at it, you can also share a meal with your elderly parent on random and special occasions.

Gift Ideas for Elderly Women With Dementia

Older women with dementia have problems with their memory.

They may also have decreased capabilities for language and decision-making.

Due to their limitations, it can be hard to think of the best gifts for elderly women with dementia.

But we have two popular gifts that many family members buy for their older adults who have such a condition:

7 – Memory Cell Phone

A tablet phone for seniors

The RAZ Memory cell phone is a dementia patient-friendly mobile device. It can also be used by other people who have cognitive disabilities.

Its screen does not turn off, and it displays contacts using the actual image of the person.

It also has emergency contacts readily available on its screen.

The mobile device also has an optional alternative service to answer emergency calls when the user has made multiple and unwanted 911 calls.

8 – Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzle for adults

Puzzles are great gifts you can give to your loved one with dementia.

This can help them feel a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment after connecting all the puzzle pieces.

Solving these jigsaw puzzles can also be your quality bond with your beloved older woman.

It can be a great pastime for both of you.

Puzzles are also said to be beneficial for patients with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

A few of these benefits include:

  • Boost cognitive functioning
  • Enhance memory
  • Relieve stress
  • Improve moods
  • Enhance problem-solving skills
  • Stimulates social interaction

Inexpensive Gifts for Women Senior Citizens

House slippers for adults

You don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket to give a special gift to your elderly parents or elderly friend.

There are a lot of inexpensive gifts for elderly women that you can find in stores.

Here are some affordable but practical gifts that you can get for elderly women:

9 – House Slippers and Non-Slip Socks

House slipper for women

One inexpensive gift that you can buy for older women is house slippers and non-slip socks.

Women of old age are not likely to go out of their homes. But if they have the chance, they most likely want to use slippers, given that these are more comfortable for their feet.

These items are really great presents for older women. These are also practical and functional and can surely help in their day-to-day activities.

The elderly are also prone to falls and accidents. One risk factors of these incidents are slippery floors.

Non-slip socks and slippers can help in preventing falling accidents for older women.

10 – Pill Organizers

An organizer for pills

Most older women already have medical conditions. To treat these, doctors prescribe a series of medications for them.

Sometimes the list of pills they need to take every hour of the day goes on and on. It can sometimes be confusing for the older adult and their caregivers.

Hence, pill organizers can make their lives easier.

They can already keep track of the medicine they need to take at certain times of the day.

It can also help them to take their medicine on time.

Pill organizers can also be helpful for their private sitters when you are away. It will remind them of the schedule and pills that the elderly need to take.

They can organize medication in compartments based on time or days of the week.

Unusual Gifts for Elderly Ladies

Sometimes you would want to go extra when it comes to gift-giving.

But there are also times when you want to give your elderly friends or parents something unusual or uncommon as your present.

Giving unique gifts to your elderly loved ones can be memorable. It can make them remember you every time they see your present.

These can be extraordinary gifts that you can get for elderly people:

11 – Key Finder

A key finder with sound

Keys can be a nuisance, and we know you can also relate.

They are easily lost, especially if you are already forgetful like other older women.

Key finders can be very useful for easily finding keys. These locators can be attached to their keys and tracked using a mobile app that serves as the remote control.

With these, the older woman will no longer have to worry about where their keys went.

12 – Cellphone Magnifier

A magnifier for cellphone

Other older women are still up to date when it comes to technology.

Most of them even have their own handphones for entertainment or communication.

But, sometimes, it can be difficult for them to see small texts and images.

Hence, this cellphone magnifier helps them see images or texts clearly.

These are extremely enjoyable, especially when watching movies on smaller devices. You can also spend your time with them to watch their favorite series and films.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Elderly Women

Throw pillows for elderly

Christmas has always been the season of giving and receiving gifts.

Many seniors can be sentimental at times. And receiving presents at Christmas can give them so much joy in their hearts.

If you’re wondering what could be the best gift for elderly people during the Yuletide Season, one of these items can be your choice of present:

13 – Throw Blankets

A very comfortable throw blanket

When there’s Christmas, there’s also snow. Gifting older women something that can make them feel warm and cozy can be a complete delight.

They can snuggle in this fluffy blanket during the winter season.

It can also help them feel comfortable while they lie down and watch TV, read books, or simply relax with soothing music.

14 – Gift Baskets

A gift baskets for women

Gift baskets are also great choices when thinking about gifts for elderly women.

You can customize these to your recipient’s liking. You are also free to include anything you think the older woman would love.

It can contain their favorite snacks, specialty food, and activity books.

Fruits, flowers, and other essentials are great additions to your basket of gifts.

During the Yuletide Season, you can include multiple things such as:

  • Knitted sweater
  • Mittens
  • Beanie hats
  • Socks

You can also include food items like:

  • Hot cocoa mix and marshmallows
  • Tea blends
  • Christmas ham
  • Gingerbread house kits
  • Cookies
  • Fruitcakes

Gifts for Elderly Women With Visual Impairment

Senior citizens can suffer from poor vision. Some of them can only see things partially, while others have completely lost their sense of sight.

Having such a condition can be challenging for elderly people. Hence, giving them a practical gift to help them with their situation can be well-appreciated.

Here are gift items that you can consider for your elderly family members who have a visual impairment:

15 – Speaker Torchlight

Older women can have difficulty seeing in the dark. Sometimes, they also like to sleep with a dim light.

A speaker torch light is one gift option that you can consider buying for the elderly.

Its LED light can change colors too. So, the older adult can choose the colors of the light based on their preference.

This torchlight is also portable. Hence, they can use it anytime and anywhere.

They can bring it with them when they need to go to the toilet or when they have to get a glass of water at night.

It also doubles as a speaker. They can use this to listen to their favorite music as they drive themselves to sleep. It can also help them relax and feel at ease.

16 – Talking Watch

Older women who have poor vision can also have difficulties in tracking the time through their ordinary wristwatches.

Hence, a talking watch is helpful in these situations.

Instead of looking at the watch on their wrist, they only need to listen to it as it announces the time for them.

Other models in the market have Daylight Savings Time (DST). This feature automatically adjusts the time an hour ahead during the summer season.

Gifts for Older Women Who Love Food

Gifts for Older Women Who Love Food

As the popular saying goes: “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”

This also applies to elderly women too! You might have a senior woman in your life who loves great-tasting food.

Sometimes, they have a sophisticated palate. But often, they appreciate comfort foods that can satisfy their appetite.

If you want to give a thoughtful gift to senior women who have big hearts for food, we have just the thing for you:

17 – Silver Cuisine Monthly Delivery

Some senior woman wants a variety of meals to boost their appetite.

Luckily, you can get them their favorite healthy meals from Silver Cuisine.

Silver Cuisine offers meal preps for seniors. They are packed with appropriate amounts of nutrients needed by senior women to stay fit and healthy as they age.

Their meals are said to be doctor-designed and chef-prepared. Hence, you can ensure that the older women you’re giving these meals have a balanced diet.

18 – Breakfast Bundles

Breakfast can also be the older women’s favorite meal of the day.

Eating breakfast is most important. It helps the body replenish its glucose levels.

Meals for breakfast give you a boost of energy throughout the day.

Hence, breakfast bundles are also great gift options that you can consider giving to an older woman.

You can include their favorite meals like:

  • Bread and jam
  • Pancake and waffle mixes
  • Oats
  • Plant-based products

Gifts for Keeping Memories

Nothing beats great memories with family members.

Often, senior women are sentimental. And they love knick-knacks that can take them on a trip in memory lane.

We have included items in this list that can be a great gift to keep memories alive. These presents can surely warm your elderly parents’ hearts.

19 – Digital Photo Frame

A digital photo frame with a baby picture

Pictures hold a thousand stories to tell. Keeping photos at home can make the older adult reminisce about the good old days.

A digital photo frame is one gift that can remind them about wonderful memories that you shared.

You and other family members, friends, and relatives can send pictures to the digital photo frame attached to their walls.

It’s also one great way to keep in touch with your beloved older parent.

The older adult can stay updated with their loved ones, especially those far away.

Live photos can be shown on the digital photo frame screen as they are uploaded.

This way, older adults can still feel connected with special people in their lives even if they can’t go out often. Or if a family member can’t come to pay a visit often.

20 – Family Tree Photos

Family is one’s greatest love, and a family tree of photos can help the older adult remember the people she loves.

It is a nice home decor that they can add to their home.

They can add photos of their parents, children, and grandchildren.

Given that most of the elderly are sentimental, these gifts for older women can make them feel nostalgic.

They’ll surely love and appreciate this gift from you.

Great Gifts That Money Can’t Buy

You may spend a thousand bucks to buy the most wonderful gift you can get for older women close to your heart.

But certain things are incomparable to material items you can purchase in stores.

Often, these can be more than enough to fill the hearts of your beloved senior women. It’s not the typical thing they can get in exchange for a penny.

21 – Sentimental Value

You can give any gift to elderly people.

No matter how big or small these things could be, as long as they come from your heart, they will be greatly appreciated.

Elderly people can give emotional associations with presents brought to them by special individuals in their lives.

A whimsical connection can be made with material things when older women relate it to amazingly thoughtful individuals like you.

22 – Quality Time

Spending time to bond with an older person can surely warm their hearts and yours as well!

Getting chances to do activities together, such as playing games, watching movies, and doing DIY arts and crafts, are great ways to spend quality time with your beloved older adult.

You can also sit down with a nice cup of tea, listen to music, and splurge for a couple of hours to have nice conversations.

Older adults are full of wisdom. Talking with seniors can sometimes feel like reading a diary, an encyclopedia, and a novel all at once.

You can learn a thing or two about their lives. They might also bring up trivial things about their experiences and facts you didn’t know about.

Quality time with older women can also involve a lot of fun.

Older women are likely to love dressing up and feeling pretty back in the days.

Spending quality time with them can be going to the salon, the spa, or even doing yoga together!

23 – Good Relationship

Your mom can surely be your best friend among all the people in this world.

Having a good relationship with your aging parent is not only a sign of respect. But it’s also a way of showing your love and thanks for them.

Knowing how to build positive relationships can make you and your elderly loved one happy.

You can build such relationships by simply spending time with them, being compassionate, and showing genuine care.

Starting a conversation and asking how they are even if you are away can help maintain a good relationship with your old folks.

It is also helpful if you show them your gratitude through simple acts of kindness like preparing their meals, giving them flowers, and giving them foot massages.

Most importantly, among older adults, patience should never fade.

An older adult can sometimes be agitated or irritable due to certain conditions. And often, they never mean to hurt you.

24 – Memories

Memories are treasures that people hold for a lifetime.

Regardless of whether they are good or bad, the older person will remember this for as long as possible.

When all material things and persons are taken away, it’s the memory that always stays.

So while you have the chance, make sure that you make every moment count for you and your elderly parent.

Create fun times together. Make them feel loved and appreciated.

You can create tons of memories together even while doing simple things.

You can watch movies together, play games, go on trips, bake some cookies, or eat out. As long as you make happy moments, they will be cherished for a lifetime.

Tips for Choosing the Right Gift for an Elderly Woman

When selecting a gift for an elderly woman, it’s important to consider what would bring her joy and comfort. Many older adults have limited mobility or financial resources, so gifting something that can help improve their quality of life is always appreciated. If the recipient loves to garden, for example, you can pick out a new set of gardening tools or plants that she will be able to enjoy.

Other thoughtful gifts could include items associated with her favorite hobby or pastime such as books related to her favorite author or artist, tickets to an event she’d like to attend, a warm blanket for cold nights, clothing items that are easy to put on and take off without assistance, food items she enjoys eating or even a gift card for the local grocery store. Whatever you choose for your elderly loved one should come from the heart and make them feel special.

Choosing the right gift for an elderly woman can be a difficult task. It is important to take into account her lifestyle, her interests, and her needs. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when selecting the perfect gift for an elderly woman:

Consider Her Lifestyle

The best gift will be something that fits into her lifestyle. Think about her daily activities and the things that she enjoys doing. Is she a reader? Get her a nice book or magazine subscription. Is she active? Consider a nice piece of fitness equipment. Is she a gardener? Get her some gardening tools or a flower bouquet.

Think About Practicality

When selecting a gift for an elderly woman, the practicality should be a top priority. Choose a gift that will make her life easier or more enjoyable. Consider items like a comfortable chair, an assistive device, or a nice pair of supportive shoes.

Ask Her Family or Friends

If you are having trouble deciding on the perfect gift, ask her family or friends for suggestions. They may have some ideas about what she likes or needs. They can also help you pick out the perfect gift for her special occasion.

By keeping these tips in mind, you are sure to find the perfect gift for an elderly woman. With a little bit of thought and consideration, you can make her day extra special and show her just how much you care.

Things to Remember When Buying the Best Present

Things to remember when buying present

There are no strict scientific guidelines that you need to meet and follow when choosing wonderful gifts for elderly women.

But if you’re still having second thoughts, we can give you a few things that you can consider in buying the perfect gift.


You, of all people, should know the character and personality of your loved one.

In choosing gifts, it would help if you knew items that would reflect who they are.

Might as well fill the shoes of the person you’re gifting.

You can get things that would remind them of you, or you can also ponder upon their favorite items when you’re at the gift shop.


Giving practical presents is also a plus.

Things that can make your loved one’s life easy can be great gifts.

Pay close attention to what the elderly need. It can be items they use every day or things that can help them be at ease.

You don’t need to spend a thousand bucks to find something functional. It can be as simple as non-slip socks, a pill organizer, or a blanket.

As long as it serves its purpose, then it’s already gift-worthy.

Ask the Elderly

If you prefer to give presents that the elderly will surely want, you can go ahead and ask them.

This way, you’ll also have pieces of their thoughts on things that they want.

But if you don’t want to ruin the surprise, you can ask other people to ask the elderly for you. You can also bring up subtle conversations when you’re together to get hints.

Your Personal Preference

Gift-giving doesn’t always mean that you need to ask about other people’s thoughts.

There are also times when you don’t need to know what the older adult would like.

If you think something is a good gift for your loved one, buy it and wrap it up!

Sometimes, a little surprise when opening unexpected presents is exciting. It can also give a sense of joy when they receive things out of the blue.

We’re confident that you’ll get the best gift for her!

Give Your Senior Loved Ones a Thoughtful Gift

Thinking about gifts for older women can be a chore.

You are sometimes confused about the things that you should get them. Often, you feel anxious if the person will like the gift you’re giving.

But as we said, what matters the most is the value that these material things hold.

As people age, material possessions matter less. Anything you give will surely be appreciated and loved.

So, whether it’s a gift certificate, a coffee mug, or a shirt, as long as it comes from the bottom of your heart, the older adult will definitely cherish them dearly.