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Is baclofen safe for elderly women

Is Baclofen Safe for Elderly Women? Risks and Precautions

Understand the potential side effects of baclofen in elderly women, including risks, precautions, and management strategies. Ensure safe and effective use with our guide.

Elderly Abuse

Reporting Elder Abuse: Your Guide To Taking Action

Learn how to identify signs of elder abuse, gather evidence, and report it to the proper authorities. Protect vulnerable adults and ensure their safety.

Pelvic fractures in elderly

Elderly Pelvic Fractures: Healing, Management & Prognosis

Learn about pelvic fractures in the elderly, including causes, symptoms, treatment options, and recovery time. Discover prevention tips and long-term care to improve quality of life.

zyprexa side effects elderly

Zyprexa Side Effects in Elderly: A Guide to Risks & Management

Explore the potential side effects of Zyprexa in the elderly, from dizziness to weight gain. Learn about risks and essential precautions.

Health Articles

Is Your Loved One Near End of Life? Recognizing the Signs

Is it almost time for your loved ones to move on from this earth? These elderly end-of-life signs should help you prepare for that fateful day.

Skin Tears in Elderly

Preventing & Managing Skin Tears: Essential Tips for Senior Care

Skin tears in elderly are common, and they can be a major health concern. Learn the causes, prevention, and treatment of skin tears in this article.

Comprehensive Guide to Home Care for Seniors: Costs & More

Understand the various aspects of home care for the elderly. Find information on costs, service options, caregiver roles, financial aid, and solutions for seniors without caregivers.

Elderly anxiety

Understanding Anxiety in Seniors: Tips, Treatments, and More

There are certain challenges that come with aging, but anxiety is not one of them. Find out what causes elderly anxiety and possible treatments in this article.

Elderly UTI Symptoms

UTI Symptoms in Seniors: What to Look For & How to Help

Are you trying to ensure your grandparents are safe from any urinary-related illnesses? Here are some elderly UTI symptoms you must be wary of.

Seniors & Sleep: Understanding Sleep Patterns in the Elderly

The answer to why the elderly sleep so much revolves around proper rest and recovery for their minds and bodies. We discuss more reasons in this guide!

Swollen Knee and ankles in elderly

Swollen Legs in Seniors: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

A swollen leg in an elderly patient may be a sign of a more severe health condition. Learn about the different causes and treatment methods here.

Paranoia in Elderly

Paranoia in Seniors: A Guide for Families & Caregivers

Are you having problems in handling your elders? To know your next step, we have in this article the symptoms, causes, and treatments of paranoia in elderly.

Knee Replacement Recovery Time

Elderly Knee Replacement Recovery: Stages, Tips, and FAQs

Knee replacement surgery greatly aids seniors to get rid of pain and stiffness. Learn more about aftercare and knee replacement recovery time for elderly here.

Elderly Falling

Preventing Senior Falls: A Step-by-Step Guide

Elderly falling has been one of the leading causes of death and severe injuries. Learn the causes and how to avoid such accidents in this article.

Cracked Ribs in Elderly

Cracked Ribs in Elderly: How to Spot and How to Treat

Cracked ribs in elderly patients are painful. Yet, you can help alleviate their pains by knowing the dangers, signs, and treatments in this article.

Broken Femur in the Elderly

Broken Femur in the Elderly: Symptoms and Treatments

Elderlies are prone to accidents and injuries due to old age. One of which is a broken femur. Read this article to know how to detect and treat a broken femur.

Blog Articles

Unpacking the Definition & Impact of “Elderly”

What age is considered “elderly?” This question may be tricky to answer. Check out this article and see our broken-down explanations of old age.

Are Bed Rails Safe for Elderly

Bed Rails for Seniors: Benefits, Risks & Safety Tips

Bed rails are generally safe for elderly persons. But in recent years, there’s been a growing concern about the risks involved with using bed rails.

Helpful programs for seniors

Government Assistance for Seniors: Benefits, Eligibility & Access

Elderly programs are provided by both the government and the private sector. Discover great benefits and find out how they might be of use to you.

What Does an Elder Care Lawyer Do? FAQs and Expert Insights

Make the most out of your loved one’s elderly years and give them the care they need. Find out how you can help them cope with aging in this article.

Alternative Bed Rails for Elderly Featured Image

Bed Rails Dangerous? Try These Senior-Friendly Options

There are many alternatives to bed rails for elderly people that are just as effective but safer. Knowing what these are helps you make an informed choice.

Start an Elderly Home Care Business

Start an Elderly Home Care Business: Requirements & More

The demand for medical and personal care is growing year after year. Learn how to start an elderly home care business to cater to that growth today!

non emergency medical transportation

9 Steps to Starting a Successful Medical Transportation Company

Are you interested in transportation contributing to the medical industry? Here’s our full guide on how to start a medical transportation business.

Elderly Social Services

Social Services for Seniors: A Guide to Resources

Finding the right elderly social services may be a bit tough. Not to worry! We will give you a list of long-term care services that you can review!

Heavy Duty Walkers for Seniors Featured Image

Safety & Support for Seniors: Best Heavy-Duty Walkers

Find the best heavy-duty walkers for the elderly here! Stop spending time gathering reviews; use our list to help you make a well-informed decision.

Best pink walker for senior featured image

Stylish Mobility: Top-Rated Pink Walkers for Seniors in 2024

The top 5 walkers we could find are compared in our “pink walker match,” along with their features and specifications. Find out more by reading on!

Tall walkers for senior featured image

A Seniors Guide to Tall Walkers: Types, Benefits & More

Senior tall walkers are designed to assist and stabilize taller people with difficulty walking. Here are some alternatives for you to consider.

Types of walkers for elderly featured image

Choosing the Right Walker for Seniors: A Comprehensive Guide

Confused with the different types of walkers for elderly? This article discusses those, and other things you must know about walkers before buying one!

Best Wheelchairs For Elderly Featured Image

Top-Rated Wheelchairs for Seniors: Comfort & Mobility

A wheelchair is one type of mobility aid that the elderly person could choose to stay mobile. Here is a list of the top wheelchairs for seniors.

Who Invented the Wheelchair Featured Image

Wheelchair Invention and Its Impact: A Comprehensive Guide

Wheelchairs have made life more convenient for those who need them. But who invented the wheelchair? Read this article to learn the history of this device.

Types of Wheelchairs Featured Image

Choosing the Right Wheelchair: A Detailed Look at Types and Features

There are different types of wheelchairs in the market that provide a wide range of motion. It provides better accessibility and independence.

The Best Exercises for Seniors in Wheelchairs Featured Image

Senior Fitness: Safe & Effective Exercises for Wheelchair Users

Keep your seniors in wheelchairs mobile, fit and healthy by following the exercises and tips for wheelchair-based seniors in this handy guide.