Decorating a Wheelchair: How to Be Creative With Your Wheelchair

Are you planning to decorate your wheelchair? If so, this guide on how to design your wheelchair can help you with decorating your wheeled companion!

Being in a wheelchair or a mobility scooter isn’t an excuse why you can’t make it look more attractive and appealing than it already is.

If you have a creative mind, using this creativity to decorate your wheelchair is an inexpensive way to add your personality to your wheeled companion.

Below are some decorating ideas you can do with your wheelchair.

Benefits of Decorating a Wheelchair

decorating wheelchair

There are many benefits why a wheelchair needs to be decorated. Of course, one of them is having that personalized touch.


Styling your wheelchair with many accessories can create a personalized feel to it. It also allows you to stand out from the rest.

Be Creative

Having the edge of being imaginative with your wheelchair can spark new life in your wheelchair.

Drawings of flowers, shapes, and other colorful details are one of the few ways you can save time.

Use of Recycled Materials

Using old and recycled supplies is the best way to go. It can be an old wheel lying around the corner, an old picture frame where you can hang your photos, and many more.

It can be used bags, old fabric supplies, or even a used umbrella if you’re trying to be more imaginative.

There are also lots of accessories around the corner that you can put in your wheelchair.

Types of Decorations

There are many types of decorations. It can either be:

  • Custom wheels
  • Spray paints
  • Recycled items
  • Hanging objects
  • Cushion covers
  • Colorful lights
  • Stickers, patches, and decals

Decorating Tips for Wheelchair

Here are some additional tips to guide you during the decoration process.

Choosing a Design

To choose a design:

Color Scheme

Choose a color scheme that is vibrant, stylish, and bold. Light colors are great, but the best ones should stand out. Any color from the rainbow will do.


Themes are like personalization too. It creates that unique feeling wherein you can choose how you want your wheelchair to look. Explore different kinds of themes online to ensure it has a life of their own.


As mentioned, you can personalize wheelchairs how you want them. It can mean a whole different thing depending on how you want it to and as long as it will suit your preferred idea.

Temporary vs. Permanent Decorations

Removable decorations are the best options. A removable one is a cost-effective way to style your wheelchair if you plan to change it.

Materials for Decorating

Great supplies for decorating include:


Like your wheelchair skin and chair covers, spray paint is also a good choice for styling your chair, the handles, or the wheel itself.

The only problem is that it’s relatively hard to do if you’re an amateur. Still, paints are cheap and always available, making them a great option.


A bumper sticker is a great sticker to stick on wheelchairs. In addition, there are many stickers you can buy locally or online, depending on your ideas.

Decorative Accessories

A belt, bag, old fabric linens, or even a used umbrella can become a decorative piece for wheelchairs.

This idea is great, but we usually have an old bag and a used belt around the corner.

There are plenty of bags, ribbons, and pouches to choose from at Etsy.

Wheelchair Accessory Ideas

Being in a wheelchair might limit your mobility, but one thing is for sure, it doesn’t limit your creative juices.


You can add more comfort and style to your wheelchair cushion with a few steps.

It can either be with the help of a cushion cover or a cushioned wheelchair seat that can work wonders for you. The best-cushioned seats for wheelchairs should provide comfort and support!

A DIY cushion seat or chair cover will also be a great addition.


A wheelchair skin or wrap is a better way to cover old-looking pieces of your wheelchair.

You can also stick colorful ribbons and flowers around the chair to make it more colorful and vibrant.

If the chair is slightly torn, seat covers will do the trick. Etsy also has plenty of products to choose from to cover your chair.


Spoke lights installed on the wheels can make it stylish and stand out at night. In addition, lights can make you more visible at night, so you don’t have to worry about someone being unable to locate you easily.


For storage, you can decorate your old backpack with flowers and stickers and stick them on the back of the chair, which will serve as your storage bag.

This storage bag not only makes your wheelchair colorful but also adds storage for your valuables. You can use tape or a wire to attach them to the seat.


If you can afford Izzy wheels, they would be a good addition to your wheelchair, making it more colorful and lively, especially at night. Custom wheels can turn a boring wheel into a fashion statement.

Wheelchair Safety Guidelines

Styling your wheelchair or walker is a fun way to use the extra time, and it can be helpful to be cautious. Note how wide your wheelchair is!

Make Sure Decorations Do Not Interfere With Wheelchair Operation

The items and objects you put in your wheelchair shouldn’t interfere with the wheelchair operation. It shouldn’t make life hard when getting in and out of the wheelchair.

Avoid Decorations That Are Too Heavy

Wheelchairs with too many decorations can make it hard for users to propel themselves from point A to point B.

It is why stickers are the best idea when styling your wheelchair. If you plan on buying one, here are some ideas on how much wheelchairs cost.

Make Sure Decorations Do Not Pose a Safety Risk

While decorations are fun, they can pose a risk if done incorrectly. It is NOT recommended to put something on the wheels.

Wheelchair Materials

If you injure yourself, scissors, blades, and other sharp objects can take out the fun. Wear safety gloves when using these sharp items to avoid lacerations and injuries.

Wheelchair Maintenance

Always clean them once or twice a month. This way, you remove odors and any unwanted smells from building up.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For wheelchair users planning to decorate a wheelchair, you might find some additional questions below.

What Are Some Tips for Decorating a Wheelchair?

The best tip is to be SIMPLE but CREATIVE. Everything you need is right around the four corners of your home.

What Materials Are Best for Decorating a Wheelchair?

Stickers, paints, and recycled goods are supplies that can be found readily at home. They don’t cost much and are always available.

What Safety Considerations Should I Be Aware of When Decorating a Wheelchair?

The golden rule is literally not to change anything on the wheelchair or machine. The best wheelchairs should be safe and secure.

Remember, people with disabilities and seniors might tip over if you’ve installed items incorrectly.

Is It Possible to Add Electrical Components to a Wheelchair for Decoration?

Yes, but you might need to add a few extra wiring and batteries so that your electrical components will work. You may want to consider wheelchairs for outdoors!


July is national wheelchair beautification month, and it’s fast approaching. For any user, a decorated wheelchair adds a different vibe to it.

But before decorating, always remember safety considerations before starting. This guide will help you streamline the process of getting new ideas.