Senior Concierge Services: Full List & How to Get Started

Senior concierge services benefit others more than you. Building this type of business isn’t as intimidating as it sounds, as long as you follow this list!

There’s no place like home. Many of the elderly population prefer spending their senior years within the home they love that’s filled with precious memories.

Older adults deserve to thrive and enjoy life independently!

Starting a senior concierge business benefits not only you but also many seniors who don’t want to live in senior care homes. We’re here to help you set up your business!

Concierge Services for Seniors: An Overview

A senior concierge is an assistance support service for senior citizens who may find it challenging to complete certain errands because of their old age.

Frail health, physical limitations, or lack of social connections limit many seniors from doing even the simplest everyday tasks such as cooking, going to the bank, and shopping.

What Are the Services Provided by a Senior Concierge Business?

Many errand services will ease the daily chores of seniors living alone. Here is a sample list of senior concierge businesses and services that you can offer:

  • Transportation services
  • Household chores
  • Companionship
  • Personal care
  • Grocery shopping
  • Specialized care

Transportation Services for Seniors

Mobility is one of the most common struggles for many seniors.

It’s hard to attend special events or visit family members and friends if commuting and driving are challenging. Most importantly, going to medical appointments is extra tricky.

A senior service wherein transportation is covered from departure to arrival makes it convenient for them to move around without asking a busy family member for help.

They no longer have to worry about going to the market or pharmacy to buy their needs and wants.

Household Chores

Some of our senior loved ones find it difficult to perform household chores like meal preparation, cleaning, and maintenance.

The thing is, chores like these are crucial for your daily life. Your loved one can develop many illnesses in an untidy home or if they forget to eat.

Having someone to manage and maintain the home will drastically improve our elders’ quality of life.


Social interaction and community are always needed for the youth and seniors. Having a companion can improve one’s health and way of life.

The perfect example is a personal caregiver. While some focus on personalized care for health, some are equipped to provide seniors with the companionship needed.

This is particularly vital for seniors who no longer have a family that’s present.

Personal Care

Some senior clients still practice personalized care such as salon appointments, shopping, etc. They want to maintain themselves, but it’ll be easier with the assistance of a caring senior service.

Grocery Shopping

Younger people won’t understand, but going to the grocery market can be tough with old age.

Imagine going up and down the aisles, queueing with crowds, and carrying the load back home – then having to do that every week!

Concierge services that can do the job for seniors while they wait in the comfort of their homes make their lives 10x easier.

Specialized Care

You can also provide concierge services that entail specific assistance. It’s specialized for their age, capability, and tasks to make the aid more effective and efficient.

What Do Concierge Services Charge?

Most companies charge clients by the hour. Depending on the errands and tasks, the rates range from $25 to $125.

Some provide discounts if you’re a repeat client or if you avail a long-term plan such as a year-long contract.

The Benefits of a Personal Concierge Service for Senior Citizens

Personal Concierge Service

A senior concierge service has many advantages. Here’s why many clients avail of such services:

1. Convenience

Seniors don’t have the luxury of fixating on simple tasks, especially with the physical conditions and limitations of old age.

A service that relieves them of these menial and mundane problems improves convenience so they can spend time on more important things.

2. Allows Independence

The sad reality is that your senior client probably doesn’t have someone nearby to care for them. They neither want to be bothersome to their busy family members nor stay in a home.

These helpful services give the client more sense of freedom. They can live without relying too much on loved ones.

3. Prevents Depression

It can be painful for a senior to notice a decline in his performance.

Many crises and internal struggles will come out, and having nobody to assist them can lead them downward. Mental struggles also affect their physiological state.

Having a team to assist them will lift their spirits, and it’s also additional social interaction and personal connection.

4. Ensures Safety

Seniors are prone to accidents because of their limitations. The lack of assistance can be dangerous, and they won’t have anyone to ask for help from.

The extra supervision goes a long way. It can prevent further injuries and ensure the client is safe and protected.

The Limitations of a Senior Concierge Service

As with everything, it also has drawbacks. But to be honest, we believe the pros outweigh the cons:

1. Expensive

The topmost concern is that it will cost a lot of money. Since you’re availing intensive time and labor of a human worker, they’ll indeed charge more.

The tasks are also tricky, so specialized skills are needed. Caregivers with these credentials have been trained, increasing their credibility and expertise.

But if you’re family, it’s a worthy price to pay in exchange for the safety and wellness of your elders.

2. May Not Be Sustainable

For someone with average financial status, the cost of these services will certainly pile up in the long run.

It may be hard to stay consistent in availing these services, and constant adjustment can be confusing and difficult for the senior client.

3. Entails Risks

Caring for seniors has high risks. Their conditions are more sensitive and require extra caution. Poorly trained caregivers might cause more harm than good.

You also need to be extra wary of more personal matters, such as legal documents and financial arrangements. Go for trusted companies to avoid people taking advantage of elders.

How Do I Set Up a Concierge Service for Senior Clients?

Set Up a Concierge Service

Setting up your service business is easy but also challenging. Here are four general steps to get you started.

Step 1: Get Insights

It’s always crucial to research first. Ask about the area’s conditions and base your decisions on the facts around you.

For instance, if you live on a steep hill, it makes more sense to provide transportation services for seniors than a hygiene-related service.

Step 2: Focus on One Service First

Pick one service first, then specialize. Don’t offer too many things at once, as you certainly won’t have the ability to provide high-quality service for everything.

Step 3: Build a Team

It takes a village to build a successful business. Gather competent people that you trust to run the company with you.

Step 4: Refine Processes and Policies

Ensure that your internal system and processes are transparent, aligned, and well-refined before officially accepting clients. Little mess-ups will affect the integrity of your business.

Tips to Remember When Starting Elder Concierge Services

Remember the acronym S.E.N.I.O.R.

  • Safety is your priority
  • Everyone’s situation is different — be flexible
  • Never short-change your client
  • Intend to help genuinely, not just for the money
  • Organized systems are essential to successful operations
  • Regulate your team and keep everyone aligned

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Let’s answer some of the FAQs:

Are Concierge Services Worth It?

Yes. Concierge services may be expensive, but it’s a worthy investment for the safety, protection, and overall wellness of your senior loved ones.

What Can’t a Concierge Service Do?

Concierge services have limitations. They’re bound by what’s legal and within the boundaries of the offered assistance. Avoid abusing the services.

Final Thoughts

Consider starting a senior concierge service to help our elders live a good life in the comfort of their homes.

We hope this article helps you in setting up your business!