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What are bed step stools and how can they help the elderly? Learn everything you’ll need about them and the best bed steps for the elderly here.

No matter our age, we all deserve a good night’s sleep. However, for many elderly individuals, the simple act of getting in and out of bed can be challenging.

The risk of falls is always there, so it’s crucial to create a safe bedroom environment. This is where a bedside stool can be useful.

A step stool is an invaluable aid that offers seniors the support and stability they need to navigate their bedrooms with ease.

Whether you’re a caregiver, a senior looking to enhance your bedroom safety, or someone with elderly loved ones, hopefully, this shortlist will help you make an informed decision. Keep reading!

Why Bed Steps Are Important for the Elderly

Elderly sitting in bed

Besides reducing the risk of falls, a bed step stool can be important to elderly adults for the following reasons.


Safety is paramount for any elderly person getting in and out of bed. Fortunately, bed steps provide a secure and stable platform for them.

A bed step stool greatly reduces the risk of slips, trips, and falls. You don’t want to experience any fractures, sprains, or other injuries.


Bed step stools empower seniors with mobility challenges to maintain their independence.

Seniors can perform daily activities, such as getting in and out of bed, without constantly relying on caregivers or family members for assistance. 

With the simple addition of a bed stool, you can witness an immense improvement in their overall well-being and self-esteem. 

Reduced Strain

A lot of activities can become physically challenging as we age, due to our limited mobility and strength. Climbing in and out of bed is one example.

Thankfully, step stairs are there to help provide a gradual ascent. You will slowly feel the strain, discomfort, and pain in your joints and muscles disappear.

Daily activities should become more manageable with the aid of a step stool!

Promotes Mobility

As we get older, even the slightest and briefest of movements can become tedious. However, it’s necessary to break out of this feeling to maintain our physical health. 

A step stool makes it easier for seniors to transition from a sitting to a standing position and vice versa. Using them can promote a more active lifestyle.

Prevents Bed Sores and Skin Issues

It’s common for seniors to spend extended periods in bed. This puts them at greater risk of developing bed sores and skin issues. 

Thankfully, bed step stairs enable them to change positions and reposition themselves, promoting better skin health.

Psychological Well-being

Aside from independence and control over their lives, bedside step stools can provide a sense of achievement for seniors too.

This is a positive psychological effect of using bed step stools.It reduces feelings of helplessness and dependence that often lead to depression or anxiety in the elderly.

How We Tested The Bed Steps

In our commitment to serving the elderly community, we conducted thorough and empathetic testing of bed steps, understanding their unique needs and concerns. Our process involved a diverse group of seniors, incorporating real-world scenarios to assess each product’s safety, stability, and ease of use. We simulated typical bedroom environments, ensuring that our evaluations reflected the everyday challenges faced by the elderly.

Our team, with expertise in geriatrics and ergonomics, meticulously examined the construction and materials of each bed step, prioritizing features like non-slip surfaces, sturdy handrails, and appropriate step height. We also considered the weight capacity of each model to cater to a wide range of users.

In testing for durability, we subjected the bed steps to repeated use over extended periods, mimicking the daily activities of seniors. We evaluated their performance under various conditions, including low-light scenarios, to ensure safety at all times.

Feedback from our senior testers was crucial. We listened to their experiences and preferences, making their comfort and confidence our top priority. This hands-on approach not only enhanced our understanding of their needs but also reinforced the trustworthiness and reliability of our recommendations.

Conclusively, our rigorous testing process, grounded in real-life applications and expert analysis, ensures that our selected bed steps meet the highest standards of safety, functionality, and comfort for the elderly community.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Bed Steps for the Elderly

Factor infographics

Before we dive into my recommendations for the best bed step stool for your elderly loved ones, let’s cover these key features first.

Choosing the right bed step stool can enhance safety and ease of use for elderly individuals. Here are some crucial factors to keep in mind.

Height and Stability

For a bed step stool to be efficient, it should bridge the gap between your high or low beds and the floor comfortably and securely.

It might be best to select a bed stool for the elderly with adjustable height. The perfect height will depend on your physical capabilities.

When it comes to stability, I recommend a bed step stool with anti-slip features on the top surface and sturdy construction. Rubberized or textured surfaces on the steps can help prevent slips and falls.

Additional grab bars and bed rails are a good idea for added safety and stability, too.

Weight Capacity

Are you or your senior loved ones conscious of whether a bed step stool can carry your weight? That’s understandable, and bed step stools are no exception to this concern.

Your bedside step stool should be able to support your senior loved one’s weight without wobbling or feeling unstable. Check the product specifications to ensure that the bed step stool you choose can handle the user’s weight safely.

Material and Durability

Bed step stools are not necessarily the cheapest because they’re intended for long-term use.

Look for step stools made from high-quality materials, such as wood, metals, or durable plastics. 

Choose a stool that suits your practical needs too. Others may prefer those with soft foam padding for added comfort or those that come with a motion-activated LED light to easily maneuver at night.

Design and Aesthetics

Bedroom aesthetics matter, even when selecting primarily functional items like step stools. Choose bed steps that complement the existing décor of the room. Some step stairs come in various finishes and styles, allowing you to find a design that matches your bedroom’s theme.

Types of Bed Steps for the Elderly

There are several types of bed step stools to consider. Let’s explore four common types:

Wooden Bed Steps

Wooden bed steps bring class and elegance to any room. They easily blend with various bedroom decors too.

But aside from aesthetics, wooden step stairs are extremely durable. Most you will find on the market are typically made from hardwoods like oak or maple. 

Functionality-wise, wooden bed steps often feature a non-slip surface to prevent accidents.

Metal Bed Steps

A metal step stool has a robust construction and long-lasting durability. So they’re great for both indoor and outdoor use.

They’re usually made from steel or aluminum, making them suitable for heavier users.

Many metal bed steps come with a textured or anti-slip top surface to ensure safety. They may also come with grab bars and bed rails, too.

Plastic Bed Steps

If you’re looking for a lightweight and portable step stool option, a plastic bed step stool is a practical choice.

Made from high-quality, durable plastics, these step stairs can withstand daily use. You’ll often find plastic bed steps in various colors and styles too. This makes it easy to match them to your bedroom decor.

Plastic bed steps are also budget-friendly and easy to clean.

Adjustable Bed Steps

An adjustable step stool allows elderly individuals to customize its height to accommodate different bed heights or their specific needs.

For added functionality, you can opt for grab bars alongside your bed step stool.

How to Use Bed Steps for the Elderly Safely

It’s crucial to familiarize oneself with the proper use of bed steps. This helps prevent accidents and promote independence.

Here are some guidelines on how to use bed steps safely.

Proper Placement

The first thing you’ll want to do is position the step stool beside your bed frame. Be wary of high beds; ensure your elderly loved one can access them conveniently.

If you happen to be using a height-adjustable step stool, place it at the senior’s desired height. 

Make sure to align it well with the edge of the bed, and alongside bed rails and grab bars, if any. They should provide a seamless transition between the bed and the floor.

Having an extra wide step is a plus to minimize any gaps or tripping hazards.

Assisting Techniques

Make sure to wear non-slip footwear when using bed steps. This will ensure a reduced risk of falls, even if they’re only getting up briefly during the night.

If your senior loved one has limited mobility, you might want to consider installing a grab bar or having assistive devices like a walker or cane nearby for extra support.

In cases where mobility issues are severe, it may be best to have a caregiver or family member assist them when using the bed steps.

Safety Measures

Aside from the make and design of a bed step stool, other safety measures must be considered.

One good top priority when it comes to safety is ensuring the bedroom is well-lit to prevent your elderly loved one from taking missteps. If they prefer a darker setting, at least have a motion-sensor LED light that lights up a path.

Periodically inspect the bed steps for any signs of wear and tear too. If you notice loose screws, cracked surfaces, or other damages, replace them immediately. You shouldn’t compromise on safety! Lastly, clear pathways before heading to bed. Keep the area around the bed clear of clutter, including loose cords, rugs, or other obstacles that might pose tripping hazards.

Best Bed Steps for the Elderly

Here are my picks for the best bed step stools for the elderly. Look out for various features like their sturdy construction, ease of use, motion-activated LED lights, anti-slip surfaces, and many more!

1. Step2Bed Bed Step with Handle

Step2Bed Bed Step
  • Height-adjustable stool
  • Motion-activated LED light
  • Non-slip platform surface for secure footing
  • Handrails with soft foam padding
  • Weight capacity of up to 400 lbs; 800 lbs if XL version

If you’re looking for the best bed step stool, the Step2Bed Bed Step with Handle is an innovative and practical choice. This adjustable height bed step stool is a great choice because it accommodates higher beds.

But the Step2Bed Bed Step has a lot more key features to love. For added safety, the step has a non-slip platform surface. 

Plus, these steps are made to last a lifetime. These are made of alloy heavy-gauge steel and are capable of carrying up to 400 lbs. If you opt for the XL size, it can carry up to 800 lbs!

I also appreciate it coming with padded handrails for extra comfort and stability. Furthermore, its built-in motion-activated LED lighting helps prevent any unfortunate falls and slips in the dark.

My only concern is that these durable bed steps require assembly upon arrival. Make sure to carefully read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid mishaps.

Other than that, the Step2Bed Bed Step with Handle is a worthy addition to your bedroom space.

2. Drive Medical Heavy Duty Bariatric Footstool

Bariatric Footstool
  • 14 by 10-inch platform; 34-inch handle height
  • Non-skid platform and rubber feet for fall prevention
  • Fully-assembled handrail
  • Weight capacity of up to 500 lbs

The Drive Medical bed step stool is a robust and reliable choice for larger users. Despite having a compact design, just looking at its build gives you the peace of mind that it can truly support up to 500 lbs!

Drive Medical boasts this heavy-duty steel-welded footstool with a silver vein finish. Plus, it features a non-skid platform with ribbed rubber feet for safety.

Not only can you use this footstool on your bedside, but you can use it around the kitchen or in the bathroom, too. It even includes a sturdy handrail for elderly folks with mobility issues, providing necessary support. Drive Medical has been a leading brand of mobility aids for more than 20 years, so you can confidently use this step stool, even beyond its limited lifetime warranty.

3. DMI Step Stool with Handle

DMI Step Stool
  • 14 by 10-inch platform; 34-inch handle height
  • Padded handle with a comfortable grip for extra support
  • Wide step, non-slip textured matting, and reinforced rubber feet
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Weight capacity of up to 250 lbs

Are you looking for a budget-friendly step stool? If so, then the DMI bedside step stool is a simple yet effective option.

I like this step stool mainly for its convenience. Its design is very compact, making it easy to move and store. You can use it to safely step up to higher beds or taller vehicles, out of showers, or reach objects out of grasp.

It even features a comfortable handle for added security and balance. This step stool also comes with a non-slip texture platform and reinforced rubber tips for fall prevention. Plus, it features a heavy-duty steel construction with a chrome-plated steel frame, so you’ll be making the most out of this investment!

4. Vive Heavy Duty Step Stool with Handle

Step stool with handle
  • 14 by 11-inch platform; 33-inch handle height
  • Padded handle with a comfortable grip for extra support
  • Textured surface for fall prevention
  • Easy to assemble and maintain
  • Weight capacity of up to 300 lbs

The Vive Heavy Duty Step Stool with Handle is a great device, allowing seniors who require assistance getting in and out of bed to have their independence.

Made with a robust steel frame, the Vive step stool is strong enough to support up to 300 lbs. It also comes with a 33-inch high handrail that offers extra support when in use.

This step stool’s platform measures 9 inches high, enough for elderly adults to reach high beds and other hard-to-reach areas at home.

Another great feature of this step stool is its textured platform that helps prevent slipping. It’s also very easy to assemble and clean. Simply wipe it off with disinfectant and a damp cloth, and you’re good!

5. Medline Footstool with Handle

Medline Footstool
  • 4-1/4 by 11-3/8-inch platform; 9-inch height
  • Sturdy plastic build
  • Skid-resistant surface, black non-slip rubber treads, and foot tips
  • Integrated handle

The Medline Footstool with Handle is a versatile and practical choice. I appreciate its sturdy plastic construction and its skid-resistant top surface for safety.

It even comes with a built-in handle for added support and ease of portability.

Plus, this Medline step stool has a compact design. It is perfect to position beside high beds, bathrooms, and kitchens without occupying too much space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about the best bed step stools for elderly folks with these quick questions!

What Are Bed Steps for the Elderly?

Bed steps for the elderly are also referred to as bed stairs or step stools. These are specially designed aids to assist elderly individuals in safely getting in and out of bed.

These steps provide a stable and secure platform, often with non-slip surfaces, to bridge the gap between the bed and the floor. They help seniors with mobility needs maintain their independence by reducing the risk of falls and accidents.

How Do Bed Steps Help the Elderly?

Bed steps help the elderly in several ways, including:

  • Extra Safety – They provide a stable and secure platform, reducing the risk of slipping or falling when getting in and out of bed.
  • Improved Independence – Bed steps enable seniors to perform daily tasks with minimal assistance, promoting a sense of self-sufficiency.
  • Reduced Strain – Bed steps for the elderly with adjustable height help ease the strain on joints and muscles by providing a gradual ascent.

What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing Bed Steps for the Elderly?

When choosing bed steps for the elderly, consider these factors:

  • Height and Stability – Ensure the steps are at the right height and provide stability for the individual.
  • Weight Capacity – Check if the bed steps can safely support the user’s weight.
  • Material and Durability – Assess the material used and whether it’s durable enough for long-term use.
  • Design and Aesthetics – Choose a design that complements the bedroom decor and personal preferences.
  • Safety Features – Look for non-slip or non-skid surfaces, handrails, or other safety enhancements.

How Do I Use Bed Steps for the Elderly Safely?

To use bed steps for the elderly safely, follow these tips.

  • Proper Placement – Position the steps securely next to the bed, ensuring they are stable and aligned with the bed’s edge.
  • Footwear – Encourage the use of non-slip footwear.
  • Assistive Devices – Consider using assistive devices like walkers or canes if needed.
  • Lighting – Ensure good lighting in the bedroom, especially at night.
  • Regular Maintenance – Periodically inspect the steps for wear and tear.

What Are Some Recommended Bed Steps for the Elderly?

Here are some recommended bed steps for elderly people:

  • Step2Bed Bed Step with Handle: Adjustable height, non-slip platform surface, motion-activated LED light, and a sturdy handle for added support.
  • Drive Medical Heavy Duty Bariatric Footstool – High-weight capacity, steel construction, and a non-skid platform.
  • DMI Step Stool with Handle – Padded handle, non-skid surface, and a lightweight, portable design.
  • Vive Heavy Duty Step Stool with Handle – High weight capacity, steel frame, textured surface, and a comfortable handle.
  • Medline Footstool with Handle – Sturdy plastic build, skid-resistant surface, and an integrated handle for portability.
NOTE: These bed steps offer various features to cater to different needs and ensure the safety and comfort of the elderly.


From the adaptable and adjustable height bed step stool to those with added safety features like non-slip surfaces and sturdy handles, I’ve carefully curated these to make getting in and out of bed easier and more secure for our senior loved ones.

Ultimately, the right bed steps will depend on individual requirements and personal preferences.

However, rest assured that each of the recommended options combines functionality and design, ensuring that the elderly can navigate their bedrooms with confidence and ease.