Where to Donate Wheelchairs and Walkers: The Best Organizations That Will Accept Your Donations

Don’t know where to donate your old wheelchairs and walkers? You’ve come to the right place! are organizations that will accept your wheelchairs!

Looking for a place to donate your unused wheelchairs and other medical equipment? We’ve made a list of charitable organizations for you!

Just pick an organization, get in touch with them, and your wheelchair is on its way to someone in need.

Most even give you a tax deduction or offer to pick up the equipment!

What Are Your Options When Donating Wheelchairs and Walkers?

When it comes to donating walkers, it’s essential to know that there are various types of walkers for adults. These range from basic models to specialized types designed for individuals with particular needs, such as those with limited strength or balance. So, before you donate, make sure you understand the type of walker you have, as some organizations might have specific requirements or preferences.

Here are a few to consider:

1) American Mobility Outreach

american outreach foundation

If what you want to donate are electric-powered wheelchairs or scooters, the American Mobility Outreach is where you should make your donation.

Located in Palm Desert, CA, this organization has three projects to help people who need medical equipment, regardless of age, gender, race, social status, or financial situation. 

They provide donated power wheelchairs and scooters to nursing and retirement homes for seniors and the elderly.

They are also involved in providing alternative assistive technology to help children with learning disabilities in their reading and writing skills.

This is a good list if you’re looking for the best rollators for seniors to donate to this organization.

2) Special Kids Fund

A cover image pf special kids funds

A wheelchair isn’t the only medical equipment a person with disability needs. The Special Kids Fund was created for that. It’s an alliance among hospitals, schools, and other social services organizations dedicated to providing wheelchair vans and vehicles to kids and at-risk youth. 

3) Muscular Dystrophy Association

Muscular Dystrophy Association logo

The MDA is a charitable organization dedicated to helping disabled adults and kids affected by neuromuscular disease. 

They will accept more than just your wheelchair and walker donations: hospital beds, chairs, and other equipment.

Aside from collecting equipment and donating a wheelchair to those needing one, the MDA does much more.

They have summer camps for those with neuromuscular-related medical disabilities, fundraise for affected families, educate, conduct health research, and even provide care! 

They also offer their services to outside organizations and local communities nationwide and work with everyone from kids to seniors.

If you’re looking for the perfect walker for seniors to donate to the MDA, here’s a list of where to find one, wherever you are in the United States.

4) Wheels for the World

wheels for the world logo

Whether manual wheelchairs, powered wheelchairs, or any other mobility device, your wheelchair donations will provide direct relief to those in need internationally.

This organization also accepts heavily used wheelchairs and even broken mobility equipment, as they have programs to restore them before donating them to needy families.

Aside from making donations of mobility devices and medical equipment, you can also join the organization as a volunteer or support other volunteers through donations to their families.

There are so many ways to help!

5) Kids Equipment Network

Kids Equipment Network logo

If you’re looking for organizations that specifically help children, you should give your old wheelchair to the Kids Equipment Network.

They work with kids who are unable to access them because their insurance does not cover a wheelchair and families who can not afford the cost of durable medical equipment.

Since 2005, the organization has also collected and donated other disability resources for children, such as strollers, crutches, cranes, bath and toilet systems, plus other adaptive and mobility equipment!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Got more questions about wheelchair donations? Here you go!

How Do I Donate Medical Equipment to Third-World Countries?

You can donate your unused medical equipment to Doctors without Borders and international medical organizations.

They collect and send wheelchairs, walkers, and other medical equipment to third-world countries and any other location that needs help.

Another way to send your donation to third-world countries is to contact your local community hospital or charitable organizations.

Ask them if they have programs to send medical resources and aid to third-world countries.

And even if they don’t, they can point you to different organizations that provide direct relief to developing countries.

What Can You Do With Out-Of-Date Medical Supplies?

Always have your out-of-date medical equipment and supplies professionally destroyed and disposed of since they can harm others.

You can either take them to a facility that professionally disposes of medical waste or surrender them to a drug take-back program.


And that’s all we have for places where to donate wheelchairs and walkers.

Whether you prefer to send your wheelchair donations to the elderly, kids, or anywhere abroad, there’s an organization for that!

And if you find it in you to do more than donate, most of them have volunteer programs where you’re sure to be of help!