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Most falls happen in the bathroom and the elderly are the most accident-prone. Avoid accidents with these best shower wheelchairs for the elderly.

Did you know that most slips and falls in a home happen in the bathroom?

Keep yourself or your elderly loved ones safe with the finest shower wheelchairs available today. Not only are you securing safety, but you’re also earning the gift to carry out your daily routine independently.

Check out the details of my recommendations and explore other shower aids for the elderly below.

The Top 6 Best Shower Wheelchairs to Get

Many wheelchairs may be waterproof, but their manufacturers did not design them with constant water contact in mind. In contrast, shower chairs are specially built assistive devices mainly for showering.

Here are my recommendations and the features that helped my elderly patients and me as a caregiver:

1) Invacare 6795 Mariner Rehab Shower Commode Chair – Best Overall

Invacare 6795 Mariner
What I Like About This
  • A shower wheelchair, bedside commode, toilet seat safety frame, and transport chair in one piece of equipment
  • Armrests and footrests can swing out of the way for quick transfers
  • You can have a set of 4 casters and different size options of casters
What I Dislike About This
  • Its wheels may need more tread to stay stable and secure

I highly recommend this product not only for its 4-in-1 design but also for its features that benefit both seniors and caregivers.

As a caregiver, I love the Invacare Mariner Rehab Chair for its foldable features. It is easy to use as a shower wheelchair, portable commode, over-the-toilet safety frame, and transport chair, providing sturdy support for independent living when bathing or toileting.

When seniors leave the house, the chair is easy to fold up for transport. Let’s say you are on vacation. Other places may not have accessible toilets like those in your home.

Fortunately, I can attest to the versatility of this product’s toilet safety frame. It can be rolled over most standard toilets and elongated toilet seats for supported toileting. Its hard rubber seat also has an opening to cater to both elderly men and women patients.In addition to the folding frame and seat of the Invacare Mariner Rehab Chair are its armrests and footrests. You can fold them up for convenient transfers to and from a bed or chair.

2) Etac Clean Self-Propelled Wheelchair Shower/Commode Combo Chair – Best Value

Etac Clean Self-Propelled
What I Like About This
  • It has soft and heat-reflective surfaces to support users with sensitive skin
  • Foot support is soft with a rounded shape for added comfort
  • Locks on the front casters secure a still use
What I Dislike About This
  • You may tend to tip over when you lean to one side

When you get a shower wheelchair, though it has a specialized use, you get more from the price you are paying if you can use it for other purposes. This is exactly why I chose this product as my best value pick.

It exhibits versatility in a 4-in-1 design as a shower wheelchair, transport chair, portable commode, and over-the-toilet safety frame. To effectively achieve this, it features an open back and recessed front seating to provide access for hygiene and cleaning.

In addition, this product can also accommodate customization options to meet not only toilet and showering needs but also mobility issues. The added support from its safety strap accessory greatly helped my patient with a recent spinal surgery avoid tipping over.

What’s even more impressive about this product is the reliable support it offers to self-propelling users.

It is mostly made of aluminum and polypropylene materials that keep it lightweight and easy to maintain. Its swiveling front casters and 24-inch rear wheels also add to its smooth maneuverability.

3) Drive Medical 11114KD-1 Shower Chair – Best Budget

Drive Medical 11114KD-1
What I Like About This
  • Made with a sturdy aluminum frame
  • It has 4 stable casters designed for transfer safety
  • Features a padded toilet seat and backrest
What I Dislike About This
  • No safety belt for the seat

Most of my readers may already have a wheelchair but are looking for a second chair for showering. As such, you may be looking for a budget shower wheelchair. If that is the case, you can consider the Drive Medical K. D. Aluminum Shower Chair.

At its price, do you only get a basic shower chair? The answer is no. You also get a bathroom chair and a bedside commode with the same equipment.

It has four caster wheels with rear casters that can lock for additional safety. On top of safety, this product also features comfort with its padded toilet seat, which has an open front to accommodate both men and women seniors.

4) MaxiBathe 3-in-1 Bariatric Shower Chair – Best for Heavyweight Users

MaxiBathe 3-in-1 Bariatric
What I Like About This
  • Accommodates heavier weight users in contrast to other shower wheelchairs
  • Features water-repellant and padded seats, backrests, and armrests
  • Provides extensive adjustability
What I Dislike About This
  • Locks for wheels can be difficult to reach for patients with limited mobility

Are you on the heavier side? I’ve had patients like you, and I know how difficult it can be to find the perfect fit for assistive tools. Thanks to the MaxiBathe 3-in-1 Bariatric Shower Chair, users like you don’t have to look further.

You can use this product not only as a shower wheelchair but also as a transport chair and portable commode. It even comes with a removable commode pail for easier toileting.

This product may be heavy-duty, but I can assure you that its adjustability allows it to fit through narrow doorways.

Not only does it have a padded seat, back, and armrests, but its armrests and footrest are also retractable. This means that they can open up access for smooth transfers.

Just because this shower chair can accommodate heavy users doesn’t mean it is heavy. Its frame is made of rustproof aluminum, which allows it to be lightweight and maintain durable functionality over the years.

Whether you prefer to self-propel or have caregiver assistance, this product has a padded rear bar, front casters, and large rear wheels to cater to both.

5) Drive Medical NRS185006 Aluminum Rehab Shower Commode Chair – Best for Smaller Users

Drive Medical NRS185006
What I Like About This
  • Easy to assemble
  • Made of a sturdy and lightweight aluminum frame
  • Movable armrests and footrests
What I Dislike About This
  • Short return period allowance with restocking andshipping fees

My years of caregiver experience have taught me that aging comes with changes in body size and structure. It is common for seniors to get shorter and smaller with age. Because of this, many of my patients prefer smaller shower wheelchairs.

The Drive Medical NRS185006 is my go-to recommendation for this elderly user. It has a smaller and narrower frame than most products but offers the needed features for a standalone unit and an over-the-toilet seat.

In addition to the usual features of a shower wheelchair, it has padded armrests and a padded backrest for better support and a secure grip when sitting and standing. Along with its footrests, the armrests are also movable for easy transfers.

However, it may help you to know that some of my colleagues have raised concerns about the manufacturer’s limited return policy. They were only given a short window, which included restocking and shipping fees.

Despite this, I was fortunate to have no problems with my purchase.

6) EZee Life Shower Wheelchair Bath Toilet Rehab – Best Lightweight

EZee Life Shower Wheelchair
What I Like About This
  • The product weight is only 30 lbs.
  • It comes with locking front wheels and rear caster wheels
  • Includes a removable seat for showering or toileting
What I Dislike About This
  • The user manual may be difficult to read and understand

If you are highly dependent on your caregiver, you may want a lightweight shower wheelchair. The 30-pounder EZee Life may be for you.

Don’t underestimate the features of this product based on its weight. With just one unit, you can have both a shower wheelchair and a standalone commode. It even comes with a removable slide on its pail.

It has a rust-resistant aluminum frame and a plastic chair composition, making this product lightweight and easy to clean.

This product doesn’t cut back on comfort features as well. It has padded armrests, a padded backrest, and a padded seat.

While seniors are sure to be comfortable, the caregiver can enjoy easy transfers with its pivotable footrests and armrests. This makes both bed transfer and toilet transfer easier.

My main issue with this product is its user manual. The pictures were darker than the other user manuals I’ve encountered, making them difficult to understand. I had to consult with my friend to help me assemble the product.

Why Should You Invest in a Shower Chair for the Elderly?

As I have mentioned, most slips and falls in a home happen in the bathroom. I have not mentioned that the highest injury rates fall in the oldest age groups.

To lessen unwanted accidents in your home, you should invest in a shower chair. It is designed to cater to the safety and comfort of people, such as seniors, with limited mobility from illness, injury, surgery, or aging.

It is one of the most useful assistive devices that allow its users to carry out daily tasks to maintain and support their independent living.

You may ask, “why can’t I use my existing wheelchair in the shower?

To answer your question, your regular wheelchair is not designed to stay functional and durable with constant water contact.

In contrast, a shower chair is. It can also cater to transfers to and from a roll-in shower and reduce the need for multiple transfers from one wheelchair to another when it comes to toileting and providing portable commode support.

What Are Things to Look Out for in a Shower Wheelchair?

Aside from my recommendations, prepare to encounter many other options regarding brands, manufacturers, and models when you purchase your shower wheelchair.

To help you decide what is best for you, let me discuss important features you should look into, such as the following.


Compare the overall dimensions of your shower wheelchair to the size of your standard toilet seats and the chairs in your home so that you know what to expect.

If you generally have narrow doorways, look into the overall width of your shower wheelchair. Wider shower wheelchairs provide more comfort to larger seniors. In contrast, shower wheelchairs with a smaller width provide more stability to smaller users.

What about the height? Here is something you might not have known. The height of your seat affects comfort and convenience. It impacts not only how quickly you can get up from your chair but also if you can self-propel properly.

Shorter users will have difficulty reaching the floor and self-propelling if the seat is too high, while taller users may experience positioning problems and foot drag if it is too low.


Look into the capacity of your shower wheelchair in terms of user weight.

Compare it with the highest user weight if you have many users in one household. It is important to check this out to make sure that you are buying a shower wheelchair that can accommodate its users.


Consider the materials used to make your shower wheelchair. Based on the shower wheelchairs I’ve reviewed, here is what I have to say about their materials.

When it comes to the materials used for the frame of your shower chair, stainless steel is more durable and affordable but can be heavy. Because of this, this material may give limited mobility to self-propelling users. I recommend an aluminum or medical-grade PVC frame instead.

For your seat, you may find models having plastic or hard rubber. Though they are more affordable, they may not provide much cushioning. Choose one made from polyurethane materials as they cushion, are easy to clean, and are waterproof.


Let’s keep in mind that you are buying a shower wheelchair mainly for safety and support. Locking caster wheels, brake systems, anti-tippers, and treads on the large rear wheels are common safety features that most shower wheelchairs have to secure a stable use.

Basic positioning support features include armrests, footrests, and safety belts. Users with limited mobility may need other support features like paddings, headrests, and other types of belts and straps.


Shower wheelchairs are specialized assistive devices, which is why they are priced higher. But the price you are paying is much less than getting the peace of mind that it gives you and the people around you.

However, keep in mind that these are ultimately hygiene products. As such, many manufacturers do not accept returns.

Read product specifications carefully and take note of important information that you need. Don’t make the pricey mistake of buying something you will not use.

Other Features

All shower wheelchairs provide support for transport and showering. However, only some models feature the use as a portable, bedside commode and/or over-the-toilet safety frame as well.

Many shower wheelchairs have armrests and footrests, but not all can swing out of the way for easy transfers.

You might also want to take note of the kind of support you need. Can you handle self-propelling, or will you need a caregiver to assist you?

It is best to know your preferences ahead of time to help you make a better choice regarding your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you are curious about the details of using shower wheelchairs, I’ve answered here some common questions you might have.

How Do You Give Someone a Wheelchair in the Shower?

Check the overall width of your wheelchair first to see if it can fit in your showers and toilets.

Supplement your shower wheelchair with a non-slip shower mat for your bathroom floor and bathtub. If you have a bathtub, make sure you have a non-slip shower mat right outside the tub.

How Do You Give an Elderly a Shower?

Practice shower safety for seniors when giving an elderly patient a bath.

If you’re already working with a shower wheelchair, I recommend using hand-held shower heads for the elderly to easily bathe on their own.

If your elderly patient cannot bathe independently, provide them with a seniors shower visor for a more comfortable bath without water getting into their eyes.Aside from shower wheelchairs, you can install supportive tools and equipment in the shower. For example, you can install shower bars for the elderly at seated and standing heights to provide stable support.


Here’s a quick summary of my top 3 shower wheelchairs to help you think about which wheelchair you should go for:

Best Budget – Drive Medical 11114KD-1 Shower Chair

Drive Medical 11114KD-1

This shower wheelchair is priced more than 50% less than other shower wheelchairs, which makes it a great option to consider, especially as a second wheelchair.

If you doubt its durability, I can assure you it is nothing to worry about. Its frame is lightweight aluminum, making it resistant to rusting and premature wear and tear.

Even at its low price, you can still enjoy the benefit of getting a shower chair, a toilet chair, and a portable commode. On top of this, you get this product’s safety and comfort features.

Best Value – Etac Clean Self-Propelled Combo Chair

Etac Clean Self-Propelled

Does buying one product and getting the functionality of four products simultaneously sound too good to be true to you? Luckily, this scenario is true when you buy Etac Clean.

Aside from getting a shower wheelchair, you also get a transport chair, portable commode, and toilet safety frame.

If this is not enough for you, this product is highly customizable, with many add-on options. This includes belts, supports, pads, and holders of different types for varying mobility issues.

Best Overall – Invacare 6795 Mariner Rehab Chair

Invacare 6795 Mariner

If self-propelling and caregiver-assisted, you’ll surely get the most out of this foldable shower wheelchair. Not only will you get a 4-in-1 product, but you will also enjoy easy maneuverability.

Whenever you self-propel with this product, it’s easy for you to take advantage of its comfort features, such as its padding and accessible rear wheels. On the other hand, your caregiver can enjoy its convenience features, like its light build and swing-away front riggings.


Now that you know the different features of a shower wheelchair, ponder the question, “what are my needs?

From here, it should be easier to decide on your priorities when you look for a product that’s right for you.