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Grab bars are essential to improve bathroom safety. But which shower bars for elderly should you get for your home? Read this review to find out!

A bathroom grab bar is one of the best bathroom fixtures you can own, as it supports seniors when showering and going to the toilet.

For maximum safety, this can be coupled with other assistive devices and fixtures, such as shower chairs, non-slip shower mats, and raised toilet seats.

While the term “shower bar” is relatively straightforward, it can still get confusing when it comes time to pick one with all the types and brands to choose from. 

Here are my top 5 choices for the best shower bars for senior citizens!

The 5 Best Grab Bars on the Market

shower bars for elderly

Some seniors seek support from towel bars to keep their balance while showering. But, these fixtures are not fit for supporting full body weight since they’re primarily used to hang towels. 

Installing grab bars in the bathroom or shower is essential to assist older adults, especially those with limited mobility and who experience balance issues.

1) Stander Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar – Best Grab Bars Overall

Stander Security Pole
  • 300-pound capacity
  • Tension mount curved bar
  • Adjustable height; 7-10 feet 
  • Versatile and movable

The Stander security pole and curve grab bar is probably one of the most unique assistive devices I’ve seen among bathroom grab bars because it can be transferred from one place to another. 

It’s suitable for other places in the house to assist the elderly, especially when they’re standing. 

The Stander security pole and curve bar is tension mounted. It’s wedged between a flat ceiling and floor to keep it in place and is also height adjustable (7 to 10-foot distance).

I also like how the grab bars lock their position every 45 degrees and can carry up to 300 pounds.

2) AmeriLuck Stainless Steel Grab Bar – Best Value for Money

AmeriLuck Stainless Steel
  • ANSI and ADA compliant
  • 500-pound capacity
  • Limited lifetime warranty included
  • Stylish appearance

Your money and pay are worth it with this stainless steel grab bar model from AmeriLuck. The straight grab bars from this line are durable, as they can support older adults weighing up to 500 pounds

Even if a user’s full body weight EXCEEDS the average elderly, these heavy-duty safety bars ensure they get proper support when bathing. 

I love that this grab bar is ANSI and ADA-compliant, plus it comes with a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY. It will surely last a long time once installed on the wall. 

With their stylish appearance, these decorative grab bars can be used in bathtubs, showers, near toilet seats, and even in hallways and stairways.

3) AquaChase Suction Grab Bars – Best Budget Option

AquaChase Suction
  • Toolless installation
  • 1-year warranty
  • Has safety indicators

AquaChase is a cheap alternative to straight grab bars. Despite its low prices, it can still provide enough assistance to older adults. But I recommend this to those who don’t have severe mobility and balance issues

This suction grab bar is NOT the most reliable choice in the bathroom or toilet because the suction cups won’t hold onto textured surfaces — walls must be flat, smooth, and non-porous.

When installed, you can tell it’s safe and secure when the indicators turn green from red.

4) Zelen Flip Up Grab Bars

Zelen Flip Up
  • 24-inch flipping leg; 90-degree vertical rotation
  • 300-pound capacity
  • Wall-mount installation
  • Stainless steel construction

This grab bar has a 24-inch folding leg supporting up to 300 lbs

Its flip-up style is a SPACE SAVER, as it can be folded vertically, making it ideal for tight and narrow spaces. 

This shower grab bar is easily installed via wall-mounted installation.

These Zelen grab bars are a great fixture to prevent falls and secure elders when standing and getting in and out of bathrooms, bathtub, or toilet seats. 

5) Carex Tri-Grip Bathtub Rail

Carex Tri-Grip
  • 200-pound capacity
  • Easy mounting on tub
  • Clamps on most tub wall sizes (3.5 to 6 inches)
  • Textured grips

The Carex tri-grip bathtub rail anchors the elder in place to ensure their safety in the bathtub

This grab bar maintains the independence of elders when going in and out of the tub because it’s sturdy and HIGHLY RELIABLE. 

It screws and clamps onto the rim, while its style makes it an attractive fixture in any bathroom. 

That said, the maximum recommended weight for this grab bar is only 200 lbs.

What are Bathroom Grab Bars?

Grab bars are fixtures that can be grasped or grabbed onto to assist the older adult or handicapped.Shower grab bars, in particular, are installed in bathrooms near the shower, tub, or toilet to improve bathroom safety for seniors. You can also install grab bars in bedrooms, hallways, and other parts of the home.

Why Should You Install Bathroom Grab Bars?

Bathroom Grab Bar

Falls often happen in bathrooms. So, it’s important to improve bathroom safety by installing shower grab bars to ASSIST the elderly while they’re bathing in the shower or a tub. 

Here are three reasons why you should install shower grab bars:

  • Prevent slips and falls. Seniors are prone to slipping and falling. When shower grab bars are installed on the bathroom wall, they will have something to hold on to for assistance. This reduces the risk of falling and slipping from unexpected loss of balance and protects them from possible injuries. 
  • Improve mobility and stability. Holding on to a shower grab bar while standing or sitting helps the senior feel confident taking a bath, with a lower risk of injury and accidents.
  • Promote independent living. When shower grab bars are installed on walls, elders can independently move in and out of the bathroom, tub, or toilet as they please. Even if they live alone, you can still ensure they can move independently while maintaining safety.

Types of Shower Grab Bars

You can choose from several bathroom grab bars depending on your space, needs, or style you’re most comfortable with. These include:

Wall-Mounted Grab Bars

This grab bar screws tightly to the wall horizontally, vertically, or at an angle. Wall grab bars are safer since their positions are fixed using mounting screws and anchors.

Bath-Tub Mounted Grab Bars

This is the type of grab bar that clamps to the rim of the tub. Its style provides stability when getting in and out of the bathtub and prevents slipping on the floor. 

Suction Grab Bars

Suction grab bars use suction cups to maintain wall connection. This is a great TEMPORARY device and can’t be relied on permanently. It’s also best for assisting and not in supporting their whole weight. 

NOTE: This can only be used on a glossy wall and does not hold onto a dry-wall. 

Folding Grab Bar

Folding grab bars will greatly help in saving space while ensuring senior safety. You can unfold it when needed and flip it back up to get it out of the way. 

Free-Standing Grab Bars

Another type is free-standing grab bars. These are floor-to-ceiling tension bars usually found near the shower or tub. 

Free-standing grab bars assist senior citizens when entering and exiting the bathtub or shower as they take a bath and in sitting up and down the toilet. 

Angled Grab Bars

These are often seen as L- and U-shaped grab bars and sometimes have a wave-like design. The shape of this grab bar can provide multiple levels of support compared to free-standing ones. 

Two-Wall Grab Bars

This type of grab bar is continuous since it’s fixed on two walls. This is suitable for senior citizens who need support while taking a bath in the shower.

Grab Bar Clamps

This bathroom grab bar is easy to install since it doesn’t need drilling. You can simply clamp it to the sides of the bathtub securely. Hence, it does not cause damage to your fixtures.

Factors to Consider When Choosing A Grab Bar

Here are five factors you must consider when choosing the perfect grab bars:

Easy Installation

If you need to drill your wall or bathtub to install the grab bars, you must assess if it’s allowable, especially if you’re renting.

While suction grab bars are easy to mount, it’s NOT the best option for providing full support. So, I suggest you weigh the odds carefully

How It’s Mounted

Grab bars that are fixed horizontally are ideal for users with limited mobility. Those fixed in a vertical position are suitable for those who need support when standing and sitting. 


Heavy-duty grab bars can support up to 500 lbs. A durable bathroom grab bar is made of STAINLESS STEEL and not plastic. Plastic grab bars are flimsy, whereas those made of steel provide great assistance. 


Ergonomic fixtures help protect the arthritic hands of senior citizens. Hence, I suggest choosing those that are not only accessible but comfortable to hold as well. 

ADA Compliant Status

A grab bar that is American Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant is MORE RELIABLE. It’s always best to go with ADA-compliant brands and products to ensure the safety and quality of grab bars


Do you still have other grab bar-related questions? Worry not! I’ll answer a few more questions before we wrap things up!

Where Should Grab Bars Be Placed in an Elderly Shower?

The ideal placement would be 33 to 36 inches from the floor. But it’s best to customize it according to senior citizens’ needs. Install the grab bar at a position that’s most comfortable for them.

How Can I Make My Shower Area Safe for Senior Citizens?

To ensure the safety of senior citizens in the shower area, you can:

Use shower wheelchairs

My Top Picks

Here are my top picks, shower grab bars edition! 

Best Budget Option – AquaChase Suction Grab Bars

AquaChase Suction
  • Toolless installation
  • 1-year warranty
  • Has safety indicators

Although these grab bars are low in price, they’ll surely serve the needs of senior citizens. This is a great product if the older adult needs little assistance when bathing or when you’re looking for a temporary grab bar for your apartment. 

Best Value for Money – AmeriLuck Stainless Steel Grab Bar

AmeriLuck Stainless Steel
  • ANSI and ADA compliant
  • 500-pound capacity
  • Limited lifetime warranty included
  • Stylish appearance

This Ameriluck grab bar is a prime example of pricey but priceless. I love that it’s heavy-duty and can support up to 500 pounds. It’s also ANSI and ADA compliant, plus a lifetime limited warranty covers it!

Best Grab Bars Overall – Stander Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar

Stander Security Pole
  • 300-pound capacity
  • Tension mount curved bar
  • Adjustable height; 7-10 feet 
  • Versatile and movable

I’m pretty sure you’ll love these versatile grab bars from Stander. They can provide added support to the senior whenever and wherever. They’re also height adjustable and can handle up to 300 pounds.


That’s a wrap! I hope you find great grab bars to help make the bathroom safe for elders. This is a sign to invest in grab bars and prevent falls and other related injuries and accidents. 

Feel free to revisit this site anytime you need the perfect example when shopping!NOTE: Original Medicare doesn’t cover grab bars. But you can check your Advantage Plan to see if it cover grab bars when they’re medically necessary.